Optimized product development with PTCs Windchill PDMLink

Today, Altlas Copco Products are designed using Creo Elements/Pro. A PLM software with SAP connection provides data for about 120 developers and designers in an international collaboration.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools is a department within the Construction and Mining Technique division of Atlas Copco. Here, hydraulic, pneumatic and gasoline-driven equipment for demolition, recycling, compaction, rock drilling and concrete works are being produced and merchandised.The products are sold by miscellaneous brands through a worldwide sales and service organization.The department has its headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden) and maintains manufacturing facilities in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Atlas Copco is a world leading provider of compressors, construction, drilling equipment and also industrial tools and assembliy systems.The organisation offers sustainable solutions for increased customer productivity through innovative products and services.The company, which was founded in 1873, has its headquarters in Stockholm and is worldwide represented in over 170 countries.In 2010 Atlas Copco employed about 33.000 employees and reached a annual turnover of approximately 70 Mrd. SEK (7,3 Mrd. EUR).

Efficient Products through PLM

For an even faster response to customer needs and changing market requirments with new and more powerful products, Atlas Copco decided in 2008 to introduce an enterprise-wide PLM solution.

Standardized product data management: Windchill PDMLink with SAP linking

Atlas Copco CTO implemented its PLM-Concept using the Windchill technology wich was implemented mainly by INNEO Solutions GmbH in Germany as well as another member of the PLM Elite – Econocap – in Sweden. The linking to SAP was carried out by the Karlsruhe company INNOFACE.

Based on a unified product data management it is now possible for about 120 developers and designers from Kalmar (Sweden), Nasik (India) and Essen (Germany) to work together simultaneously on projects.This minimizes product development time and deploys engineering resources in the projects across locations.

Success with multi-site developments

Today projects are developed, designed and manufactured across different locations with Windchill PDMLink and a SAP integration.

This lead to minimized processing times. Also, the error rate in model and drawing duplicates could be reduced to 0%. A well thought out version management offers complete security, both to have the right drawing at the right time or to receive the correct production documentary.