Custom-tailored PLM solutions for your design and engineering processes

Today, secure and version controlled storage of design and CAD data is indispensable for every product development process. Transparency and traceability of these data and information demonstrably increase product quality.

PLM Elite provides custom-tailored solutions to meet these challenges. Fitted with concentrated know-how gained in a multitude of international projects, the members of PLM Elite take up the challenge for demanding PDM/PLM projects. Under one umbrella: PLM Elite combines the leading technology platform with best practice systems engineering in an international environment – with near-by support.

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PLM-Elite Members

All members of PLM Elite are certificated PTC Platinum or Gold Partners.

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„PLM Elite’s international strategy and support is not only a need for big groups and international companies, but also an opportunity for medium and small companies that deal with international markets and customers. PLM Elite members can help implementing standards and best practice.”

Antonio Riso, CEO, CDM Tecnoconsulting SpA

“PLM Elite concentrates the know-how of four very successful PTC resellers gained in multiple international projects. We at PDSVision are looking forward to exciting projects with our international customers.”

Johan Klingvall, CEO, PDSVision

„PLM Elite is an international alliance for innovative product design processes. What is setting us apart from our competitors is the combination of our outstanding trainers and educational concepts as well as our modern training centres. Our clients always keep up-to-date and thereby increase productivity.”

Helmut Haas, CEO, INNEO Solutions GmbH

„PLM Elite combines the leading technology platform with best practice systems engineering in an international environment – with near-by support. We’re passionate about delivering Product Lifecycle Management software solutions that help you build highly efficient, distributed teams to fuel product innovation.”

Edwin Gao, CEO, PISX Company Limited

„PLM Elite is far more than just a brand. Behind this name you’ll find PTC’s top European partners. Even with highly demanding and international projects our customers will have just one contact partner – thus our clients can focus on their core business.”

Rik Vandermoortele, CEO, SAVACO N.V.

“One of the most brilliant things about PLM Elite is its international orientation. With our 60 locations all over Europe, Asia and North America we’re always there, where innovation is needed and can attend to our customers with an optimum.”

Kurt Gürtler, CEO, TECHSOFT Datenverarbeitung GmbH

“We are honored to be the US representation of the PLM Elite team. Having the international alliance of all these other world class PLM partners ensures our global customer’s success. Each of these partners were chosen because of their companies knowledge base regarding PLM best practices, customer success and creating business value. Our customers continue to benefit from this global support organization of PLM Elite members.”

Dwight Griffith, President, TriStar